Augmented Reality [AR]

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Benefits of Augmented reality

  1. Competitive advantage

With Augmented Reality you present your product line in a completely new way and help customers understand your range. AR is best suited to complex products with many options. Selling with AR may well be a move that differentiates organizations by providing the next generation customer experience, this means competitive advantage and the opportunity to increase revenue.

2. Shortens sales cycle

AR can help you shorten sales cycles in a whole new way. Product descriptions, article lists, and images are usually not enough to make the customer understand complex products.

AR empowers the customer to see and understand hidden features, workflows, and processes so they can make purchasing decisions safely and quickly.

The products are displayed in their entirety using an interactive 3D application built around a company's product range. To "move" the 3D model into the real world [AR], the model is displayed on a "marker" such as a drawing, or on a flat surface. You can also display products using object recognition, which is then placed on top of a physical product.

At their core, AR applications can provide sales representatives with relevant information in the face of the customer and simplifying the process of getting the customer to understand what they are buying.

3. Reduced travel and shipping costs for tradeshows

Virtual product demonstrations reduce costs for trade shows and development of marketing materials. AR opens completely new ways to display products as you don't have to ship physical products.

With AR, trade fair stands can be designed in a new way, and the products don't even have to be on site.
A booth could be designed as a gallery with markers or 3D printed objects displayed on podiums or as paintings on the walls.

AR application linked to a large screen TV, provides unique opportunities to showcase complex functions and product range with next generation presentation technology.

Augmented Reality means smaller stands without the need to ship heavy products for demonstrations. It also helps reduce the number of staff needed to attend trade shows.
This in turn means reduced costs for travel and shipping/handling.

4.  Training applications

Training staff or customers in handling and using machines is one of the great advantages of AR. For example, you can quickly learn about products via AR-based video manuals in combination with interactive 3D models.

The technology works with or without a physical product. Without access to a physical product, a virtual model of the product is projected onto a flat surface, enlarged to any size, and then goes through the training with video and interactive tasks.

With access to the physical product, object recognition makes it possible for the application to "understand what it sees" and bring up the relevant educational section depending on which part of the product you point your digital tablet or phone at. 3D models are placed on the relevant part of the physical product and you can be given the opportunity to configure the selected section or see hidden functions that lie beneath the surface of the product.

Organizations can also turn smartphones and tablets with AR applications into help desk support for after sales service needs.

Cutting-edge multimedia and 3D capabilities have the potential to transform product support and enhance the customer experience by integrating real-world objects with digital content.

5. Scalability and reusability

The interactive applications are built to be reused on several products and in different areas such as sales, marketing, and training. An interactive application for AR has a long life and can be updated and continue to be expanded with added features and version of products and product lines.

“Simply put, we believe augmented reality is going to change the way we use technology forever. We’re already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn.”


Tim Cook

CEO Apple

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