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Bookingapplications with: Open house, Exterior spin, Sunstudy, Interactive floorplan, 360 navigation and more in 3D or AR.

Rendervision's residential selector / apartment selector simplifies the buying process for our customers, and the future homeowner to see what they are buying before construction begins. With 3D visualization, the customer gets a good idea of what their future accommodation, the property and the surrounding area look or will look like when it is completed.

The area is rotated and seen under day, morning, and evening light. The interior is viewed with images and panoramas or images and animation navigation.

The exterior display of the property is used to show which apartment or villa in the area is vacant. The system shows available, booked and sold/rented accommodations. The system is linked together with the broker's system that does all the status or data updates without having to update a second system.

We have several variants of our housing selector and specially adapt these to our customers' needs.

Customer case
HSB BRF Skeppsbron 6, Munksjön Jönköping, Sweden

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HSB BRF Skeppsbron 6, Munksjön Jönköping, Sweden

SBB - Bacchus

A unique housing development, built on an man-made pier in Falkenberg, Sweden.

For SBB Norden we built an extensive martetingmaterial that included: 

An[AR] APP with the following functions:

  • Users can see their apartments as vertual [AR] models.
  • With the apartment chooser, you see the apartments in 3D and can access info like size and price. 
  • Users can explore the area from the air, ground and sea using, bikes, boats and gliders. 
  • 3D floorplans with the function "Walk in floorplan" gives the user the option to walk inside the apartment.
  • We produced an animated 3D film that shows the area, the buildings and the apartments.

We also produced a website that mirrored the functions of the APP.

the project is sold out and a new stage is planned for 2023. 

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