Marketing & tradeshows

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Marketing & tradeshows

Even in today’s increasingly digital world, conventions are growing in popularity. After the pandemic, the tradeshows are coming back as strong as ever.

Your experience at a modern-day convention looks nothing like that of a gathering from ten years ago. With the rapid progress of AR, it’s likely that today’s events will be just as unrecognizable as those of five years into the future. AR delivers powerful tools to interact with products using virtual models, or to add interactivity to physical models with object recognition.

The pace of technology is moving quickly and today AR is available both for browser-based applications as well as for app-based applications. Rendervision is ready to help you plan the best ways to build AR experiences for your next convention and beyond. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Customer cases


Getinges GSS R [AR]

For Getinge we developed a fully working virtual [AR] model of their: GSS R Steam Sterilizer.

Getinge’s GSS R [AR] sales app is used on tradeshows and as a result, Getinge no longer need to ship heavy machinery to shows globally. The solution is a win-win for both Getinge, the climate and the environment.

The material for the APP is under NDA.
ABB Boliden

Boliden & ABB

For Boliden and ABB we built an realtime 3D application that shows an installation on a Boliden mine. The application was built for tradeshows.  The material is under NDA. 

We are here to help you with your digital visions.