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Benefits of 3D/AR Product Configurators

Although some companies have been using 3D/AR product configurators for years, most manufacturers have not taken full advantage of this tool and are therefore missing out on its benefits. A growing number of manufacturers are now realizing the potential of the technology as it becomes more accessible thanks to technological advances.

By offering their customers 3D product configurator, companies have the opportunity to increase their sales. This is possible by simplifying the ordering process for customers by using an easy-to-use 3D product configurator. Customers see what they order and are presented with relevant information.

The technology also provides companies with an excellent opportunity to collect customer data that can then be used for other marketing purposes.

Listed below are 10 benefits of 3D/AR product configurators for manufacturers that illustrate how valuable these systems can be.

  1. Create interactive 3D visualizations

A user-friendly interface enables customers to see how the product changes as they add or remove bare options, change color or size, all in real time. With 3D/AR visualization, customers can see their creation from every angle. This gives them assurance that the product they configure matches the one delivered.

  1. Easy access to products on any device

Using a 3D/AR product configurator is easy because you can access it from your desktop computer, your mobile device, or even a touch screen at a trade show. By increasing mobility, sellers can show potential customers their product, let them configure it themselves and place an order on the spot.

A mobile-ready configuration solution is also required because a large portion of all Internet users use mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to manufacturers of all kinds. A product's appearance is decisive for the customer's decision to buy it. It is likely that they will be more satisfied with the product if you can give them an accurate preview of how it will look when they receive it. It is beneficial to provide customers with a 3D visualization of product manufacturers to reduce unnecessary support calls.

  1. Full integration with third party software

Modern configurators can be integrated with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM and CMS. As a result of these integrations, manufacturers can create sales opportunities, collect data and track orders using the product configurator. Configuration can also be integrated with a database or business system to store specific configuration parameters and customer information.

  1. Reduce costs

The implementation of the product configurator allows producers to devote their attention to strategic sales. As a result, your salespeople will be able to spend less time handling sales-related calls.

3D configurator gives a seller the ability to provide their customers with all the relevant information in addition to the visual ordering experience.

The sales via 3D configurator can also be connected with suppliers' systems to facilitate administration during deliveries.

  1. Reduction of order cycle times

You can build simpler configurators or more advanced ones using CPQ software (CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote). For products that require a more advanced configurator, it is possible to significantly reduce the time it takes customers to go from configuration to pricing to quote/order.

In addition to speeding up processes and transferring information to other systems, the configurator can give manufacturers a better understanding of the order process. It is possible for a salesperson to show their customers multiple configurations in seconds, allowing them to quickly recommend the most suitable solution for them.

  1. Simplification of the process

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers is the separation of factory processes, resulting in data silos. Manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries can benefit from CPQ solutions to automate product design, pricing and order management. As an added benefit, you can train your salespeople to offer guided sales solutions across a variety of channels with a configurator. Additionally, you can deploy a system that unlocks insights and patterns across manufacturing facilities by simplifying processes.

  1. "Spelification" (Gamification) of the sales process

Configuration tools are intuitive and fun to use. A CPQ solution enables customers to create their own fully customized product through a playful experience. Gamification can also increase sales and delight customers for manufacturers and retailers by providing them with additional value.

  1. More accurate quotations

3D/AR product configurators create customized products that are created from detailed information about your customers' needs. This can help coordinate the manufacturing and sales process and facilitate communication between different departments. A 3D configurator can offer automated execution controller and eliminate errors and defects. Customers can also receive individual support so they can make more informed decisions.

  1. Possibilities for "Cross-selling" (supplementary additional sales) and "Upselling" (sale of a more expensive variant of the product the customer intends to buy.

Configurators make it easy for customers to put together large orders. Due to the ability of manufacturers to add additional customization options for an additional fee, the configurator can provide an opportunity for upselling and selling a more expensive product. Sellers can also quickly identify their customers' needs, preferences and budget using product configurators.

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