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Rendervision - Product configurators

Product configurators with; Rendered 3D, Realtime 3D, Augmented Reality, object recognition and system integration.

3D/AR product configurators have revolutionized e-commerce. No matter what you want to design furniture, cars or shoes, the possibilities are endless. Customers build their own product in 3D with the options offered. With AR (Augmented Reality) you then move what you have configured, like a hologram, and place it in any location.

It is possible to reach a new level of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by allowing customers to interact with the offer and build their own personalized product. Implementing 3D/AR product configuration has many benefits for both consumers and manufacturers.


Higher customer satisfaction

With ongoing input during the configuration phase, the customer is enabled to produce a product that meets their wishes and requirements. The results will be more satisfied customers who will be more likely to recommend the company to others. As a result, brand loyalty can be increased, and customer relationships can be improved. A higher return on investment can also be achieved through higher sales.


Interactive and entertaining

Innovation and collaboration appeal to consumers. In today's social media and e-commerce world, static images and text are considered the old way, so the opportunity to do something different can attract curious customers. As a result, they are likely to spend more time browsing the site and are more likely to make a purchase. Customers can spend hours designing the perfect product to suit their needs with so many variations available. Throughout history, brands have competed to develop the most innovative 3D product configuration method to sell their products. Several brands, including Nike and Tesla, use a 3D product configurator to improve their brand loyalty and stand out from the crowd.


Marketing and education

With a 3D/AR product configurator, it is also possible to market and demonstrate your products before launch. AR is particularly eye-catching as a "showstopper" at trade fairs as it can give visitors a unique experience.

On more complex products, 3D/AR product configurators are also used in education. AR gives the user a unique opportunity to be guided to understand complex products. AR can recognize reality through object recognition and can overlay a virtual layer on a product that explains features and approaches. AR can also show hidden functions in machines and products.


The pandemic

The pandemic made the need for remote solutions for sales, marketing and training a top priority. This made visualization of products increasingly popular.

A retailer's e-store allows customers to browse multiple products at the same time, giving them the feeling of being in a physical store and browsing multiple products at the same time. 3D/AR makes shopping from home even more convenient.

Retailers also faced the challenge of reducing physical meetings with their customers. Creating ways to shop without physical meetings is the advantage that the 3D/AR configurations provided.


Transformation of the digital world

Changing online shopping experiences isn't just about customizing products. A unified trading strategy is implemented by companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors. Retailers can manage all their business systems from one interface with this single, integrated software platform.

A streamlined purchasing process and chatbots that provide 24/7 customer service have also simplified the process for customers.

Retailers can gain valuable insight into what their customers want using technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics. Retailers can use machine learning data to identify shopping patterns, understand purchasing behaviors, adjust promotions and special offers, customize product recommendations, adjust pricing on the fly, and create forecasts based on historical trends and customer preferences.

Customer cases


Getinges GSS R [AR]

For Getinge we developed a fully working virtual [AR] model of their: GSS R Steam Sterilizer.

Getinge’s GSS R [AR] sales app is used on tradeshows and as a result, Getinge no longer need to ship heavy machinery to shows globally. The solution is a win-win for both Getinge, the climate and the environment.

The material for the APP is under NDA.
JABO start EN 50

Build your own house or shed.

Product configurator based on 15000 rendered 3D images, integrated salesssytems, PO, social media interaction and more.

IBC International Handling AB

Webbased productionconfigurator based on layered 3D imags.

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