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Rendervision [AR] Systems

Augmented Reality APP's with systems for tradeshows, e-learning, marketing and sales

Customer case

For Getinge, we developed an APP with a virutel [AR] version their GSS R Steam Sterilizer.

Getinges GSS R [AR] APP is used on tradeshows and mena that Getinge does not have to ship heavy machinery globaly. This sollution is good both for Getinge and the enviroment/climate.

The material for the APP is under NDA so we cant show it.

For Boliden and ABB we built an realtime 3D application that shows an installation on a Boliden mine. The application was built for tradeshows. 

The material is under NDA so we cant show it here. 

Bacchus - A unique housing development, built on an man-made pier in Falkenberg, Sweden.

For SBB Norden we built an extensive martetingmaterial that included: 

An[AR] APP with the following functions:

  • Users can see their apartments as vertual [AR] models.
  • With the apartment chooser, you see the apartments in 3D and can access info like size and price. 
  • Users can explore the area from the air, ground and sea using, bikes, boats and gliders. 
  • 3D floorplans with the function "Walk in floorplan" gives the user the option to walk inside the apartment.
  • We produced an animated 3D film that shows the area, the buildings and the apartments.

We also produced a website that mirrored the functions of the APP.

the project is sold out and a new stage is planned for 2023. 

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Rendervision [AR] Products

Augmented Reality APP's with focus on products, tradeshows and sales.

Internal demo


3D viewer

Rendervision - 3D imageviewers

Webb based 3D imageviewer systems fully customisable to our customres needs.
Customer case
IBC International Handling AB, Falkenberg, Sweden

Customer website


Rendervision - 3D booking application

Bookingapplications with: Open house, Exterior spin, Sunstudy, Interactive floorplan, 360 navigation and more.
Customer case
HSB BRF Skeppsbron 6, Munksjön Jönköping, Sweden



Rendervision - 3D option choosers

3D homestyling and option chooser systems. The choosers help to simplify apartment-option purchase.
Customer case
HSB BRF Ranagård, Halmstad, Sweden

Rendervision 3D configurators

Configurators with integrated salesssytems.
Customer case
JABO.se - The configurator is no longer on-line, - contact us for a demo.