Augmented Reality [AR]

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What Is Augmented Reality?

In addition to being technology, AR is also an experience. Mix your surroundings with a computer-generated environment, and your AR application provides you with an AR environment that is placed as a layer on top of the real world.

As soon as you begin interacting with the AR environment, it responds to your actions. In this way, you can receive real-time information related to your surroundings. In a variety of ways, this information contributes to the environment in which you live.

For instance, you might use AR when messaging through social apps, playing games, or shopping. You may use your smartphone or tablet to do so, but AR glasses may soon be a popular AR device.

An example of a real-world context where you could use an AR application is when you are house hunting. It is possible to walk down a street, hold up your camera, and see on your smartphone's screen which houses are available for sale. You can also see their selling price. Another application is to place furniture inside your new apartment before buying.

You can also experience floorplans and explore your future home in a brand-new way.

As an example of interactive learning with augmented reality, consider a textbook. The book would be scanned by smart glasses with object recognition capabilities while you are reading it. The glasses will then display definitions, statistics, or videos on the side of the book to assist you in understanding certain concepts.

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