Augmented Reality [AR]

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What Is Augmented Reality?

Mix your surroundings with a computer-generated environment, where your AR program gives you a virtual environment where 3D models are displayed as holograms, "on top of" reality.

As soon as you start interacting with the AR environment, it responds to your actions. In this way, you can get real-time information related to your surroundings. Today, mobile phones or tablets are used for AR applications, but AR glasses may soon be a popular AR device as the development of these is going at a furious pace.

AR has great advantages when used in the manufacturing industry. Machine operators from a wide range of industries can use it to identify and understand complex systems and structures.

Using AR simulations, machine operators can learn where each part is, what it does, and how it integrates with other parts. As a result, a better understanding of mechanical systems is gained.

An AR simulation overlays useful information on top of what the user actually sees around them. As the user interacts with the real world in real time, AR adds virtual elements to the situation. Virtual elements can include text, links, photos, 2D illustrations, virtual 3D objects, audio clips or videos.

In the housing sector, AR applications are used to show houses and apartments (open house), book accommodation, furnish furniture or walk around your apartment. With floor plan 2.0, you see your home as a hologram on any surface.

Explore your future home in a brand-new way.

Floor plan 2.0 applicaiton

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